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What tsumugi takes care of

I was born in Osaka, I came to the place of Izumo by the transfer of the newspaper company I was working on, and the first thing surprised was that "the sky is in front of me". There are small fields here and there alongside of the houses, various vegetables and fruits are planted, and they tell the seasons. Neither carrots nor taro knew the shape of leaves for the first time at the age of thirty. As my acquaintance grew, at the season it came to my house as if vegetables and fish had legs. It was this place that I felt the real "season".

While touching nature and carefully raising crops and people who catch fish by life-threatening, they enjoy the feelings of their thoughts, the feelings of nature and seasons, and taste them through food. I want to convey the splendor of things such as wonderfulness. That was the origin of "tsumugi".


In Japan it is called "tumugu" to pull out the fiber from cotton and apply it to make it a thread. I thought this place would be a space that people and people can spin, like spinning my own past and future, I thought it would be a gentle and life-throwing space and I named it.

Even though I have been studying cooking for the first time, I do not know about Izumo district. However, while receiving wisdom and energy for many people, I cook the local seasonal vegetables carefully, with thoughts.

Natsuko Kadowaki


We offer seasonal vegetables served in that season as course meals. Unusual ingredients and high-class ingredients will not come out. I would like to make familiar vegetables that I always see cook a little carefully and make it appear with a face different from usual.

Ice creams and gerards from early summer to autumn are made by giving richly squeezed fresh milk from a ranch of about five minutes by car. Pears, bamboo shoots, pheasants and the like are cooked from her husband's parents' home away from the Yasugi, radish and sweet potatoes, eggplants, onion, etc, depending on the season, self-cultivation, other regional energy is gotten. Please enjoy with the instrument.

The menu that I introduce will change approximately every season, but there are items that change in about two weeks or one month. Please note.

You can also prepare dinner (3,800 yen ~) with make-up etc, baby food and children's meal (500 yen ~).

Please do not hesitate to include your age, allergies and likes and dislikes when making a reservation.

Lunch menu 2,000 yen

Add coffee or tea at +100 yen
 ※ The photo is one example


As I was involved in Japanese sake brewing, I have unusual sake on spinning. Something crisp, dense, dry, sweet ... ... I will recommend it to your liking. Why do not you taste sake slowly here, even for people of Shochu?


・Local sake (5 ~ 6 types) 400 yen ~

・Ebisu beer (medium bottle) 600 yen

・Homemade plum wine 400 yen

・Non alcoholic beer 300 yen

・Homemade ginger ale 400 yen

・Plum juice 300 yen



Reservations are necessary for use.

Available from 2 days advance reservation for preparation.

Please fill in necessary information and make a reservation.

 If reservation is possible, we will reply by e-mail.

Your reply may be delayed. In that case, please let us know by telephone.

Phone: 080-1907-4502 Kadowaki

Lunch 11:00~14:30

Dinner 18:30~21:30


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Thank you for your reservation. Please wait for a while as we will contact you after confirming your e-mail.

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